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Eternal Wonder 2020 edition

"After The Storm" (2020 Version) by Eternal Wonder is available on digital stores so listen to it today! Link to Spotify below and you can find other links at Eternal Wonders FB page.

Mollie Minott in Hallandspostens livestream

Mollie Minott and Adam from The Dimpker Brothers did an set together during Hallandspostens event "Kulturen Tystnar Aldrig" and you can watch the stream now if you missed it live! Just click the link below and watch the clip from 19.50min into the show. Photo: Erik Dilexit

Evelyne releases new single

On October 9th Evelyne releases a new single and its called "Delar Av Min Verklighet". Later same month Evelyne also releasing a full album (October 23d) and hosting a releaseparty at Söderport the day before (October 22d). Go to their FB page to read more about it and pre-save the single now! Cover: Oscar Gustafsson

Namelle remix with Killen Manjaro

A remix of Namelles already released song "Dont Tell Me What To Do" is out on all plattforms. The remix is made by Killen Manjaro. Here is a few words Namelle said about the release: "I met him in the cold north of Sweden. The producer called Killen Manjaro. He took "Don't Tell Me What to Do" and made it his own. Totally different but still the same. I hope it will give you some party vibes in the autumn darkness." Cover photo: Sebastian Ekberg

New music from Rave The Reqviem

Rave the Reqviem are working on a new album and they have already released a single from it and it's called "Riptide". The song already got over 40 000 streams and also got added to Spotifys own New Metal Tracks list. Listen to the song today by clicking the link below. Photo: Daniel Yor Lindgren, edit: Alexander Geppert

Adée is releasing a remix EP

Adée is releasing a remix EP on October 2nd! This is what Adée wrote about it: "Pwrply got a 5 track remix EP with producers from the UK who made their own versions of my production. I am so, so excited to share it and if you are too, you can pre-save it at the link below. Coverphoto: Isabelle Bringert

Kulturskolan Mörbylånga - Talentcoach

Yesterday we finally released the video that we have made together with Kulturskolan in Mörbylånga! Its a video of a collaboration between Kulturskolan in Mörbylånga and Talentcoach where we during the spring and summer together looked at our artists. We therefore made a joint effort to record some of our acts in order to showcase their qualities and that we have the various steps to develop and build their careers. So take e look at the video on Facebook (link below) and share it to your friends! Photo: Isabell Bringert

Miss Sister & Just. As. Erik - Set Your Colors Free

Miss Sister and Just. As. Erik released this years Kalmarsund Pride song last Saturday and this is their message about the song: "We want the listeners to see both the seriousness and the joy in the song and in Pride! Love is always okay, in any color or shape. Hope our song can make people feel free!" Listen to the song by clicking the link below.

Live At Heart 2020 - Online

We want to give an extra heads up for this event, Live At Heart, and this is what they say: "Welcome to Live at Heart – Online There will be no regular Live at Heart festival this year. Due to the The Covid-19 pandemic the Live at Heart meeting place cannot be carried out as usual. But what is possible to implement this year, we will do. We will stream a Showcase festival during the first week of September so it is possible to participate anyway – even for all of you who are not in Örebro. We will stream music, the film festival, and the seminars so do not forget to keep track of what is happening. Poetry will also get implemented this year." Just click the link below to get to the FB event where you can find all streams!

Emanuel Boigs - Missing You

Emanuel Boigs recently released his first single and its called "Missing You". We are happy to finally release some music from this incredibly talented man! Listen to the song on Spotify by clicking the link below.

Max Jeansson - Jag Ska Få Stryk Ikväll

Max Jeansson released a new single on August 7th and its called "Jag Ska Få Stryk Ikväll" and got some really good response! The song is Max 5th one that is released and more is to come, so keep your eyes open for more material from this guy! Listen to the song at the link below.

New single - Inyo Hed

Electro duo Inyo Hed is releasing their new song "Cold Water" today. It's got that suave chill super hip feel that is the trademark of Inyo Hed. Members Tobbe and Karolin are consistently putting out bangers and Cold Water is yet another great record - be sure to take a listen

Miss Sister - Get Of Me

Miss Sister is back with a slap in the face. Literally. "I wanna put my fist in your face to the rhythm of the base" she sings to unbearable men on the dance floor. She has always wanted to spread self-confidence to women and with the new single that is exactly what she does. "The only one who's missing something out is you, because I please myself way better than you do" is another of the strong sentences in her song. A statement to show that female pleasure is an important issue that is talked about too little! If men do not focus on it, I would rather take matters into my own hands. Photo: Erik Dilexit


In the latest number of GAFFA Sverige we have an ad together with Dalapop and BD Pop at page 25 where we recommend our latest releases and some great music! You can see Adée and Hultsfreds Kontrollslakteri from our roaster. Just click the link below to get to the magazine, We love local music!

Adée EP - Live from Neighbourhd, Birmingham

On July 16th Adée released her EP Live from Neighbourhd, Birmingham. And this is what she wrote about the release on her social media: -"Performing live is the best things I know! Dream of big crowds and vibes with me and listen to my Live EP recorded in Birmingham!". Just click the link below to listen to it today!

Mollie Minott - Queen

Listen to Mollie Minotts latest release Queen, its about finding YOUR inner Queen! Put it on your playlist today, just click the link below!

Max Jeansson & Miss Sister live at Öland!

On July 12th you can watch Max Jeansson live at Sandås Trädgård at Öland, and the coming Sunday the 19th of July you can see Miss Sister perform as well. But the tickets will be limited so make sure to get yours today! You vill find the events on Facebook. Photo: Emilia Christiansson

Latitud57 2020

Thanks Latitud57 for everything, and thanks to our amazing acts who performed during our hour at stage Leo Hertzberg Calm Rites and thanks for the video material Ardiana Gimolli Lovisa Niklasson Dimpker Brothers Adée & Max Jeansson and all other acts that makes our work so much fun!

New single - Leo Hertzberg - Tänker på dig

On Friday June 19th Leo Hertzberg will release his latest song "Tänker på dig". Leo has written this bittersweet pop song about realizing you will never be the right person for that special someone. With emotional vocals, great hooks and a strong production signed Ole Söderberg of South Nation Music Group, this is a release to keep track of. Will be available on all digital outlets

Miss Sisters next single out on June 19th

This Midsummer Miss Sisters next single “Hello Freedom” will be released. Follow her on social media to get the latest updates! Photo: Linn Hanning

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