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We don't believe in LUCK

We believe in TALENT


Kulturskolan Mörbylånga - Talentcoach

Yesterday we finally released the video that we have made together with Kulturskolan in Mörbylånga! Its a video of a collaboration between Kulturskolan in Mörbylånga and Talentcoach where we during the spring and summer together looked at our artists. We therefore made a joint effort to record some of our acts in order to showcase their qualities and that we have the various steps to develop and build their careers. So take e look at the video on Facebook (link below) and share it to your friends! Photo: Isabell Bringert

Live At Heart 2020 - Online

We want to give an extra heads up for this event, Live At Heart, and this is what they say: "Welcome to Live at Heart – Online There will be no regular Live at Heart festival this year. Due to the The Covid-19 pandemic the Live at Heart meeting place cannot be carried out as usual. But what is possible to implement this year, we will do. We will stream a Showcase festival during the first week of September so it is possible to participate anyway – even for all of you who are not in Örebro. We will stream music, the film festival, and the seminars so do not forget to keep track of what is happening. Poetry will also get implemented this year." Just click the link below to get to the FB event where you can find all streams!

Miss Sister & Just. As. Erik - Set Your Colors Free

Miss Sister and Just. As. Erik released this years Kalmarsund Pride song last Saturday and this is their message about the song: "We want the listeners to see both the seriousness and the joy in the song and in Pride! Love is always okay, in any color or shape. Hope our song can make people feel free!" Listen to the song by clicking the link below.

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