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New single - Inyo Hed

Electro duo Inyo Hed is releasing their new song "Cold Water" today. It's got that suave chill super hip feel that is the trademark of Inyo Hed. Members Tobbe and Karolin are consistently putting out bangers and Cold Water is yet another great record - be sure to take a listen


In the latest number of GAFFA Sverige we have an ad together with Dalapop and BD Pop at page 25 where we recommend our latest releases and some great music! You can see Adée and Hultsfreds Kontrollslakteri from our roaster. Just click the link below to get to the magazine, We love local music!

Miss Sister - Get Of Me

Miss Sister is back with a slap in the face. Literally. "I wanna put my fist in your face to the rhythm of the base" she sings to unbearable men on the dance floor. She has always wanted to spread self-confidence to women and with the new single that is exactly what she does. "The only one who's missing something out is you, because I please myself way better than you do" is another of the strong sentences in her song. A statement to show that female pleasure is an important issue that is talked about too little! If men do not focus on it, I would rather take matters into my own hands. Photo: Erik Dilexit

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