What a journey

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What a journey

It has been a while since we updated here but it has taken a couple of weeks to digest everything that happened during SXSW. The week over in the States was truly wonderful, packed with tons of work but also a lot of fun. Adée and her band was amazing and did better and better shows as each day went, made great interviews and met a few other celebrities as well. Everything can actually almost be collected on this photo. Adee SXSW polaroid

This have been a true experience for all of us, how we as a team work together, how the american do things ”over there” and their culture. Maybe the most important thing of them all was the opportunity to meet so many people who works in the music industry from all over the world. Our network was great before to but now it is even better and wider. We can provide our talents with a lot of good contacts even outside Sweden, and we are really proud of that. But who can forget our own scorpion man?! Read more about that here. 

We want to end this post with a picture of the whole team, from the left Ashlove Saungweme, Bitte Appelqvist, Sara Westerberg, Peter Åstedt, David Ekströmer, Ida Adée Olsson and Bosse Nikolausson. The team SXSW

Photo credit: Adée x2

You can also read more about Adées journey in Ölandsbladet.

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