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”A little bit of crazy, a little laid back, a little extreme – a little bit of everything…”

The latest on WMTOKG-Transparent

The last year, We Met Tomorrow have taken a great leap forward in their career. Having worked with a world famous producer in the studio, they are now scheduled to perform at South By South West (SXSW) 2014 in Austin, Texas. 2013 they played at MusExpo in Hollywood, California. We Met Tomorrow have also signed a sponsorship deal with the company OKG-EON to support them in their endeavors.

The counter movement

Fed up with top chart music and shallow pop from the likes of the Perry’s and the Britney’s, We met tomorrow was started as a reaction, or counter movement if you prefer, against today’s commercial music scene. With their unusual 3-piece line up with double guitars, bass drum, bass and a crash (!), We met tomorrow certainly won’t score any points with rock or pop puritans – however they will score insanely high on originality and uniqueness – which to We met tomorrow is much more interesting. Just like trying to sound like another act, or strive to follow convention, or just write or perform songs that will appeal to everyone, everywhere – is less interesting.

This might sound like a band that’s very, dark with cynical members. However this is not the case. It’s just the result of three young, quirky, ironic, serious, funny, melancholic, spirited and fed up musicians coming together and creating what they love most in this world – music… So when you listen to songs like “Banned in love and death” with it’s howlin’ falsetto chorus or the bone crushing weight of “Cold eyes” remember the words of front man Richard;



We’re not mainstream as individuals – therefore our music can never be mainstream…

We met tomorrow is music that moves, touches and demand your attention. It’s not something you’d catch from the speakers in your local store or in some elevator. It wants and craves your attention, but then again, it rewards those who spend time with it – like it is with most art, the more you put in, the more you get back in return. So why not invest some time together with We met Tomorrow. Because these days you never know, these might just be the guys you will meet tomorrow.


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