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”On stage, I am an energy bomb that always offers a good show and get with my audience.”

Jonas Hammenvik, alias Trofast took the way into music through breakdance but as soon as he visited his buddies home studio he was stuck in writing lyrics and rapping. Trofast has through hard work developed really fast. Today he makes music with successful producers such as Fredrik Sonefors (Norlie & KKV) and the Norwegian “hit-maker” Ketil Schei. He is a great live experience and has opened for artists such as Danny Saucedo, Ison & Fille, Afasi & Filthy, Syster Sol and Petra Marklund. Trofast is singing and rapping in both Swedish and English. The music is easy to relate and dance to, and it makes people feel good. “My own brand of ”feel-good music”!

Through SOFO Records, Trofast released two singels during 2012 and 2013, “Vi hade allt” and “Håll om mig nu så star jag kvar”. Both became national hits, played by national radio and moved up to second and sixth place on iTunes on the first day. Since then he successfully released two singles on his own, “Vill inte ha dig tillbaks” and“Magaluf”, which was featured byNorweigian hiphip artist Cir Cuz. Early inte 2014 Trofast signed with G6 Records and released another singel “Game feat. Zina”. Togeather the singles has over 2 million streams on Spotify and Trofast fans wants more and Trofast don’t want to disappoint them! Be sure that more will come soon!




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