Talent Coach & We Met Tomorrow goes to Hollywood!

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Talent Coach & We Met Tomorrow goes to Hollywood!

Talent Coach has arrived for their second Hollywood Music Expo! Project Manager Bosse Nikolausson and We Met Tomorrow just landed in Los Angeles. The guys in We Met Tomorrow will be showcasing at the Expo before music business people from all over the world. A very exciting opportunity. This time, American Daryn Hinton will join Bosse promoting all the Talent Coach acts. Daryn is no stranger to the music business, having 20 plus years of experience. She has professionally managed legendary hard rock acts, including Stryper.

And then to New York…

We Met Tomorrow are quite excited to perform their first American gig. After their showcase in Hollywood, part of the band will head to NYC. There they will meet up with Maxe, head of Pama Records to do more promotional work.
Although Hollywood Music Expo does not lack in talent, we are proud that our acts rank with the best!

About Music Expo

The event has helped bring the music world together in a very focused, productive and meaningful manner thanks to its friendly, forward–thinking and intimate setting. The event has also helped its attendees broker many new business and creative opportunities, allowed them to develop invaluable new relationships via its unparalleled networking platforms and provided them with insight and access into the evolution of the global music business, which is essential in today’s rapidly changing musical ecosystem.

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