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WMT goes to Hollywood!

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15th november

We Met Tomorrow to perform at Hollywood Music Expo 2013! Here is one of the first success stories from Talent Coach… We Met Tomorrow are going to Los Angeles next Spring to play at Hollywood Music Expo, and do several other showcases in the Los Angeles area. Possibly they will also do a show in [...]

4 new acts added

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3rd oktober

4 new bands under the Talent Coach umbrella We have just updated our website with four new exciting acts; YellowEnd, Adée, Mashima and Trofast. They represent everything from core, to hip-hop inspired R & B, to arena rock and techno pop. Although they are new artists, they show an impressive artistry and musicianship. Check them [...]

Meet us at MUSEXPO in Hollywood!

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10th april

Meet us at MUSEXPO As a part of our international pitch campaign we hit Los Angeles, and A&R’s world wide industry event, MuseExpo on april 29th. We would love to have a sit down or a chat to find mutual interests or just talk about music. We are also looking to find international partners that [...]

This is Talent Coach

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4th april

”Talent Coach is a project where Swedish music professionals come together to bring out the hottest new music from Sweden.” We searched through applications and traveled to cities and villages to find the best and freshest sounds coming out of rehearsal rooms everywhere. Our goal is to give extra ordinary talents, industry support and training [...]