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We Met Tomorrow recording with Krish Sharma

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12th september

Bringing you new original music We met tomorrow, one of the talented bands working with us, are spending this week recording with world famous American producer Krish Sharma in Pama Studio 3 in Kristianopel. It’s an exciting new venture for the band members and creativity is in the air!  

Welcome to Talentcoach 2012!

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31st augusti

Welcome to Talentcoach 2012 – September 15th Welcome to a great event for the music industry! In the seminars, American producer/engineer Krish Sharma (Rolling Stones, Ziggy Marley), music promoter Tom Callahan (Shania Twain, Rod Stewart) and Maxe Axelsson from Swedish Pama Records share their view of what is required of today’s artists, how to develop [...]