Swedish regions establish artist development partnership at The Great Escape

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Swedish regions establish artist development partnership at The Great Escape

Regional music incubators BD Pop, Dalapop and Talent Coach, based in Norrbotten county, Dalarna county and Kalmar county respectively, will join forces at The Great Escape to explore the opportunities to promote music from their respective regions at the international showcase festival. Their ambition is a long-term, expanding collaboration including the incubators and Swedish music companies such as Svensk Live among others.

The three organizations are regionally funded ventures to promote and develop the popular music scene in their respective counties. Their common goal is to boost the infrastructure of the local music scene, promote acts and producers at national and international levels and to ensure that the capability to live and work in the music industry outside of the big cities is recognised.

”Our long-term ambition is to establish an even stronger partnership.” says Par Soini, CEO of BD Pop. ”Geographically, we already cover a large portion of Sweden and the pop scenes in our respective regions are very vibrant.”

”Dalapop is the most recently established organization, and now that there are three regions with similar regional music ventures, it’s only natural that we work together.” says Daniel Olsson from Dalapop.

The first aim of the collaboration with the Great Escape is to establish a joint stage to premiere Swedish acts during the 2018 festival.

”Our way of working is unique and deserves international attention.” says Bosse Nikolausson from Talentcoach. ”The Great Escape is the first step in a long-term collaboration to showcase emerging Swedish artists to the world.”

Here you find the different websites to read more about the projects.
The Great EscapeFrom left to right: Daniel Olsson (Dalapop), Fredrik Johansson (BDPop), Kevin Moore (TGE) and Bosse Nikolausson (Talentcoach)

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