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Mollie Minott

It has been a couple of years since Mollie was in the Swedish Idol finals in the epic Globe Arena in Stockholm. In the following year Mollie was in that summers largest live production in her native Sweden, Diggiloo, and was also seen on TV on numerous occasions – she was well on her way of becoming a household name. During this however, she never lost the dream of of writing and recording her own music. So in 2016 she built her own studio, took a break from performing the stage and public life in order to write and record her own songs – a brilliant move! Because now she has built a network of writers of producers in- and outside of Sweden that will build her future career.

Just recently, when visiting the renowned academy of ”Musikmakarna” in Örnsköldsvik for a writing camp, she got in touch with Rassmus Björnsson and Nina Hyman. This encounter turned a lot of the ways Mollie had been thinking of music on its head,  and all of a sudden it was there – that feeling of when you find the right sound with the right people – and magic ensues. It was especially one song, ”Mama”, that stood out and that Mollie and the team took directly to heart. Apart from finding herself in music Mollie also just recently added Minott as her last name, which is the family name of her Jamaican father. So, it is with great pride and pleasure we present an all new Mollie Minott and her debut single ”Mama” released on W Records! Enjoy!

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