Malin speaks on SXSW

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Malin speaks on SXSW

Don’t mess with Texas! Read Malin’s story on Talentcoach’s first time at SXSW 2014…

CMJ and SXSW… compare and contrast…


SXSW was more exciting than CMJ.

Since day one, when I  started my Music and Event Management studies, everybody in the business have talked about SXSW, as something very unique, almost magical that you can’t explain, something you have to experience to understand. Our expectations was therefore high, but SXSW didn’t disappoint. It was hectic, crowded, loud and a little bit crazy but, at the same wonderful and inspiring with so many music lovers,  from all over the world meeting at the same place, being in the same mind frame of listening to music, meeting new people and networking. It was very developing for us,  as Talentcoach . For Bosse it was his first time in Texas, but I started out a  US-tour with Siren Sea in Dallas last October. Austin – the world capital of live music! Austin really lived up to their profile  You could feel it everywhere. Compared to Dallas, Austin is a much more liberal city,  with 20 000 people a month moving in to Austin, the city seems to be a good example of the profit of stake on culture and that people want to live where they have good life quality and values besides work! The motto “keep Austin weird” was also very present – in down town you couldn’t find any big brands or brand chains, in food nor shopping! It was a great pleasure walking down the streets enjoying only music venues, music stores and unknown boutiques and restaurants (except for a Starbucks which was very appreciated to get a nice cup of coffee once in a while).

The motto “keep Austin weird” was also very present

Number of acts…

I have heard numbers between 1700 and 2000 for the official shows, I don’t have the exact figure. I can assure you that there was live music EVERYWHERE! Besides official SXSW-shows there are many artists coming to Austin to play on streets and also many clubs setting up shows outside the official line up (something that is NOT appreciated by SXSW so artists should be a little bit careful taking shows like this). Sweden had 14 acts performing at around 50 shows – compared quite SADLY to Norway and Finland who I heard had only one artist each ,not confirmed figures though.

Sweden had 14 acts performing at around 50 shows – compared quite SADLY to Norway and Finland who I heard had only one artist each ,not confirmed figures though.

We Met Tomorrow performed showcases during the week. To mention some, they performed together with INVSN, the Mary Onettes and many more at an event called Swedish Invasion arranged by a project called Swedish Boot Camp (Export Music Sweden, Swedish chamber of commerce, Swedish Institute) which is an umbrella for creatives, digitizers, geeks, musicians, start-ups and what not… Swedes at SXSW to inspire and to be inspired, to create relations, find friends and business. This showcase was held at the legendary Threadgill’s, where hippies and the people with 10-gallon hats, met and made music,

– the stage where for example  Janis Joplin was developed and hammered out her voice.

We Met Tomorrow also got to performed at Filter Magazine’s yearly “showdown” which was al thanks to our partner Holger Carlsson who was the one taking the initiative to the Swedish platform at SXSW this year.  Together with Swedish bands Like Swimming and Kristal and Jonny Boy, this years line up luckily enticed more audience than prior year and everybody was very pleased!

The most ‘interesting’ show they had was at Austin City Hall, an outdoor venue with the stage 10 feet from a busy street  where you could feel the wind from cars and trucks passing by, trying to keep cool and focused without hats in the Texas sun.


Talent Coach Role…

I can honestly say that without TalentCoach, We Met Tomorrow would never have gotten the opportunity to perform at SXSW. It all started with contacts we established at MusExpo in LA 2012 and 2013 that gave us the possibility to become one of the main partners, in the new Swedish drive/platform to export Swedish music to Austin. Besides We Met Tomorrow there, Talentcoach together with Linnaeus University, Campus Hultsfred, Studieförbundet Bilda, Musichelp, DigSin and LW Production stood behind “Sweden @ SXSW 2014”, music booth at the trade show, promoting Swedish music and all the Swedish acts at SXSW 2014. A successful drive that we plan to develop even more next year.
At conferences like this Talentcoach promotes all the Talentcoach’s acts and we have a lot of interesting old and new contacts/leads to follow up. We Met Tomorrow have interesting things going on, but so does Indevotion, Adée and other acts all in their own diverse career stages.

Talentcoach and the artists creates opportunities all the time, and having attended SXSW makes us not less credible and serious from an industry point of view. It’s an interesting time now!!


We listened to a LOT of live music over there! Many people makes schedules over which bands to watch, but we preferred to take it randomly and then you can discover bands and artist that you never would have seen otherwise. Some favorites were Brittish bands Chlöe Howl and London Grammar and also the Swedish bands Marigold and Like Swimming.

We would have loved to, but didn’t have the time to do, was listening to more country and blue grass… :(

Were you treated to some proper barbeque?

Well, actually we didn’t do a real Texas BBQ… To get those you have to go outside downtown a little bit and we didn’t have time for that (we had to be glad for 1 hour at the shopping mall). Except for some days when we only had time for a pizza slice on the run, we did get some good food experiences. The best one has to be the briskets burger (burger with chopped meet on top) where the meet almost melted in your mouth, and meat loaf at Threadgill’s that offers home cooked southern traditionals.

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