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Isle of You is the Swedish pop duo with the unique voices, irresistible energy and intertwined harmonies. Consisting of the best friends Ida Johansson and Elina Danielsson, the group write and deliver songs with strong melodies and characteristic lyrics. Songs that tell stories about thoughts, situations and feelings that are common among the species teenagers… like crush-stalking the guy in the hallway or embarrassing meetings at school with the other guy you just happened to make out with last weekend.

Ida & Elina started playing together as 10-year-olds. A guitar lesson was the beginning of a strong friendship and the determination to perform at Madison Square Garden. Born and raised in the small town called Färjestaden on the island, “Öland”, the now 18 year old girls can add over 100 live performances, studio recordings and being on national television and radio to their track record.

2013 they won the county final of the Swedish music competition for young artist. They immediately became local media’s favorites and got picked up by the local music program called Talentcoach, who in their turn forwarded Ida and Elina to the successful producer team RamPac where they became Isle of You.

Isle of you have a unique and distinct sound but one can hear influences from Paramore, Taylor Swift, Tove Lo and Weezer. In autumn 2014 the recording of Isle of You’s debut E.P started.

Isle of You is best described as a happy pill mixed with Red Bull and right now they are working on transforming that energy into music.

Isle Of You webVisit the official Isle Of You website.

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