Indevotion becomes MY

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Indevotion becomes MY

MY 1

It’s have been pretty quiet around the band Indevotion for some time. But last week could Talentcoach proudly announce the new and improved Indevotion, that with the amazing help and support from Catapult management are taking things to a new level, under the name MY. Talentcoach are very grateful that we got the chance to play a small part in their journey and are super excited about what is going to happen next and will of course follow the band on their new journey as MY.

Here is an announcement from My, one of the band members, on her Facebook:

”For some time now we have been taking some time out to develop a new and exciting project! After 7 wonderful years of Indevotion, we all felt a natural transformation taking place. We want to keep what we love about Indevotion but encourage ourselves to be more creative, experiment more musically and push the boundaries visually.

We’ve all been working so hard on this, writing the best material we’ve ever written and taking our music to a whole new level. We really hope that you will follow us on this exciting journey, your support has meant everything to us over the years and we would love for you to stick around in this next chapter of Indevotion.

You could see the transformation for yourself here.

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