Ida Gratte goes Miss Sister

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Ida Gratte goes Miss Sister
Miss sister foto Erik Dilexit 1Photo: Erik Dilexit

You got a new sister in town!
We and Ida Gratte are happy to announce her new artist name - So say hello to Miss Sister!

”I want my songs to be like the sister that lays a hand on your back and tells you that you are more than enough and to never give up.” /Ida Gratte

Message from Ida:
”Facebook just don’t want to work with me and couldn’t change the name of my old fan page! So I had to start it all over, with my new artist name Miss Sister. Welcome to my new page! Hope you are as exited as me for upcoming events and releases! Help me get my fanbase back by inviting your friends to like this page and share it. It means the world to me ♡”

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