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Elin Namnieks was born in the South East part of Sweden, in the town of Vimmerby, from where it is said that people are sturdy and persistent. This certainly rings true for Elin Namnieks that have made gigs in the hundreds and traveled half way round the world to record her debut EP, ”All I Wanted to Say”. That kind of devotion can only come from determination, passion and a strong love for music!

Elin was bitten by the music bug at 15 when she made her first appearance before an audience at her junior high school, after this there was no return! Elin also early on used to love to sing at loud when she and her mom went on road trips in the family car, something that many performers can vouch to, the automobile is an excellent stage to start with! She also got tutored by her dad that would teach her how to play on an old piano – making her early music development a family affair. Elin comments:

”My music and my songwriting got more important every day during my junior high school. It was my therapy to make it through the tough schooldays and it gave me something to dream about.”

Elin’s music encompasses several genres with it’s base firmly planted in the singer songwriter tradition of delivering heartfelt stories with a strong focus on lyrics that paint vivid pictures for the listener. But here you can also find an undeniable feel for melodies and hooks stemming from the world of pop. On the EP you will find songs like the new single ”Anyone”, that delivers a compelling mixture of strong melodies, and Elins warm yet intense voice delivery on top a modern, guitar driven, production. Here one immediately senses the maturity and inventiveness of her songwriting when delivering lines like; ”I hope you find it on the way home, cause I’m not sure that there will be anyone here, anyone there, anyone anywhere ” – cleverly capturing the frustrating feeling of being sorrounded by negativity and realizing it’s time to get away. Elin on songwriting:

”To write a song for me it’s kind of writing a diary. It’s honest and my way to express something that I feel, have felt or experienced…”

The nearest future looks packed for Elin Namnieks. Apart from the release of the EP ”All I wanted to say, she will also hit the roads for an upcoming summer tour that will even take her beyond the borders of her native country of Sweden. So don’t miss the opportunity to listen to her music online, or catch her live. When it comes to Elin Namnieks we are certain that this is only the beginning. Because with a debut EP like ”All I Wanted to Say” one knows she has so much more to say, and share, and we will be waiting!

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