Elin Namnieks + KLT + Talentcoach = True

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Elin Namnieks + KLT + Talentcoach = True

Elin KLT Talentcoach

First we want to congratulate Elin Namnieks to the release of her debut EP All I Wanted To Say!

And last week we did an promotional gig together with Elin Namnieks and Kalmar Läns Trafik to promote Elin´s EP All I Wanted To Say. We came up with the idea of doing an acoustic gig at one of Kalmar´s city buses to do something special and it was really successful! The press was there, the local radio station and all the bus passengers of course. And Martin from The Dimpker Brothers was there to help us by playing the guitar during the event, we couldn’t have done it with out you! Everyone seem to like it and we felt that it was a really good event. Afterwards Elin mentioned that she felt like a real superstar with all the people who wanted to talk to and take pictures of her, which was the goal of it all.

Perhaps this should be a recurrent event?

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