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The Dimpker Brothers are much more than a band, they actually are brothers. Martin (22) and Adam (19) have shared stages and studios as a duo for 3 years and when you hear the siblings play live for the first time you realize that they’re bringing something extra to the scene. It’s almost like they’ve got sixth sense tightness in their dynamics and beautiful vocal arrangements. This surely comes from innately connecting on a deeper level.  The Dimpker Brothers describe their music as “folk pop with blues influences”. This is exactly what they deliver: Sparkles of melancholy from the folk and blues scene combined with infectious pop hooks. Reviews of the Dimpker Brothers’ live shows read “unique” and “this is medicine for the soul” which gives testimony to the warm and powerful performance of this talented duo!

In 2015 the Dimpker Brothers have been following a tight schedule: They’ve played in front of thousands of people at festivals and city events and recently they have won the prestigious ”Live At Heart” award after playing in the national final of Imagine Sweden. Meanwhile newspapers have featured them and Swedish radio stations play their songs on rotation. Their recent week at Live at Heart, Swedens equivalent to SXSW was simply a success story, creating an amazing buzz among everyone involved in the festival. This beginning hype has got labels and publishers interested in their music and now the Dimpker Brothers are ready to take on the next level.

Dimpker Brothers webVisit the official Dimpker Brothers website.

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