Adée’s new single official song for woman’s rights

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Adée’s new single official song for woman’s rights

Adée’s single ‘Woman’ is out!

‘Woman’ is a tribute to the woman, written straight from the heart and addresses the difficult subject of domestic violence and violence against women. At the same time, ‘Woman’ gives an incredibly positive vibe reminiscent of an old-school Motown sound mixed with Adées well written rap. Hip hop seeps through the soulful pop and the high level vocals and rap will not let anyone go untouched. Adée is a mixture of concrete and cotton that face people without allowing themselves to be trampeld on.


”Music and politics belong together and we are incredibly proud and excited to Adee done such an exuberant and stoking anthem to the forum!” With this words, Nordiskt Forum on May 19th  released ‘Woman’ as the official song for the biggest conferens on woman’s rights in 20 years.

Nordiskt Forum Malmö 2014 – New Action on Women’s Rights is a conference arranged by the women’s rights movement in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The regional conference manifests the determination of women in the Nordic countries to promote girls’ and women’s empowerment and achieve gender equality. From June 12th – 15th 2014, 15,000 people will gather in Malmö, Sweden, to shape new strategies to promote gender equality and end discrimination against women. Read more here.

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