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”With a permanent presence of hip hop, Adée is reminiscent of Eyrekah Badu and Lauren Hill”

Voice and Charisma

”When Adée opens her show with an a´capella vers the hole audience is silent… she captures everyone in the room with her bright, soulful voice and everyone who´s there is touched”. The lyrics are high priority in all of her creations and with vocal and emotion as a tool, this voice has become a part of the Swedish soul scene as well as the Swedish hip hop scene. With a permanent presence of hip hop, Adée is reminiscent of Eyrekah Badu and Lauren Hill.

Adée is a Swedish artist and producer that stands with her feet steady on the ground, mixing soul with hip-hop in a modern and creative way. Her unique voice shines through in all her creations, leaving an unforgettable imprint on the listeners musical consciousness.

”I was reminded of poetry, tear-jerking, heart-wrenching poetry that pulls at your very soul. The expression and content o f the lyrics are an essential part of soul music and even more in hip-hop, which is in the heart of petit Swedish singer Adée…”. – Andy Collins, Scandinavian Soul

The last years have been successful for Adée and have given her a well known presens on the Swedish urban music scene. The release of the EP ’One Step Closer’ in 2013 took her on the first US tour, got her honorable live performances i.e for the Swedish Royal Family and a lots of touring in Sweden.

In spring 2014 Adée released ’Woman’ – the official anthem song for the worlds largest political conference on gender equality, and she perform the song live at Malmö Arena and on national TV4. In May 2014 Adée released her second EP ’Honesty’ and in September 2014 she signed with Musichelp Publishing. Adée continued to tour intensively during 2014, i.e Live at Heart, Rookiefestivalen and Kalmar Stadsfest where she opened for Agnes.

Adée have got a lot of attention in media, for example Scandinavian Soul, Kingsize Magazine, DN, Musikindustrin and Nöjesguiden, TV4 & SVT Sverige!


Adée webVisit the official Adée website.


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