Adée and the Dimpker Brothers at Musikhjälpen

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Adée and the Dimpker Brothers at Musikhjälpen

Radio Shore för musikhjälpen4

Since 2008 have Musikhjälpen collected money for different projects. Every week before christmas three hosts moves into a glass jar to raise money for Radiohjälpen. Meanwhile, they transmit radio and television 24 hours a day throughout the period, while the listeners and viewers can request songs by donating money to the projekt. This year they collect money for the climate change around the world. No one should have to escape their homes because of the climate.

Not everyone can do everything but everyone can do something. So tomorrow night both Adée and The Dimpker Brothers will play a few songs in Radio Shores house at Larmtorget in cooperation with Musikhjälpen. They will also auction off something for the good cause. All proceeds goes to Radiohjälpen.

Do your good deed here and wish for your favorite song.

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