Our goal is to find the best talent and support and guide them as they develop a career as artists.

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Ayla Hammarström

Ayla is an entrepreneur in the event business, focusing on booking and arranging festivals and music events. She also works as a coach, supporting bands, DJs and other arrangers. The best thing with her work is helping others. Her strongest side is her natural skill in public relations which means that she never gives up finding the way to success.



Ida Seve

Ida works as a freelance singer, playing in various bands and has doing back up vocals for more or less the entire artistic elite in Sweden. She has been performing in Melodifestivalen and during fall 2011 she made great success in the popular TV song contest True Talent. Ida has also made several revues, shows and musicals and last but not least to mention, the character Mollan in the popular children’s musical theater Duran & Mollan.


Jan Philipsson

Jan is a true and experienced entrepreneur and has been helping loads of people to start and to get on track with their business. Jan has a history of arranging a music festival for upcoming bands, giving them the push to becoming big in Sweden. And he has this special little thing for working with artists and artistic businesses.



Johan Swärd

Johan has been running his business in the sound department for over 30 years now!  He has toured all over Europe with bands and artists of various styles! Johan himself is also an experienced musician having played everything from jazz, pop and all the way over to heavy metal.



Jonas Frykman

Jonas has worked as a professional musician for almost 30 years, has toured around the country and been signed to both Virgin Records and smaller record labels. ”To be on stage is my life and it will always be.” Jonas has a great eye and feeling for everything that happens on stage, and his enthusiasm can inspire whomever he meets.



Karolina Stenström

Karolina is owner of the record label Lyckan. Lyckan has released three albums and two maxi vinyls. She is doing music under the name Steso Songs. Karolina has performed at SXSW in Austin, TX and at several venues and festivals in Sweden. Karolina is also very dedicated to the project Popkollo, a rock camp for girls. She has been working there as a coach since 2004.


Mats Tärnfors

Mats Tärnfors is a songwriter and producer with tracks all over the world. He runs his own publishing company, Songs of Sweden. Mats has been touring as a keyboard player with many Swedish artists such as Joey Tempest, Andreas Johnson and Stephen Simmonds. He was educated at The Royal College of Music in Stockholm (Musikhögskolan). He also has been working as a music teacher in Stockholm’s music conservatories, Memus and Kulturama.  Lastly, he works a guest teacher in songwriting and producing in various places in Sweden and abroad!

Michael Jildestad

Michael is a musician and a trombone player, educated at Berklee Collage of Music in Boston. He has been touring and making recording sessions all over the US and Sweden. He has worked as arranger, composer and with music printing with acts like Backstreet Boys, Take that, Westlife, Art Garfunkel, Electric light orchestra and the musical Mamma Mia in London. Michael is today an energetic music school director, helping young people in their musical road forward.


Putte Svensson Sahlin

Putte was a brooding punk rocker during his teenage years. He is now one of Sweden’s most esteemed entrepreneurs within the music business. Putte truly lives by his motto-“if you want something done, you have to do it yourself”. He founded one of the most legendary festivals in Sweden – Hultsfredsfestivalen and has made his home region a center for the Swedish live music industry.


Rob Easley

Jazz guitarist Rob Easley’s 21 year music career has included work as a performer, composer, arranger, producer, musical director and educator. Since completing his studies at St. Francis Xavier University (Nova Scotia, Canada), Rob has toured throughout the world performing in a variety of music al contexts. Having worked and lived in Canada, New York, Japan and Holland, he currently resides and teaches music at Monokrom, in Kalmar, Sweden and performs regularly.


Thomas ”TK” Karlsson

“TK“ has worked in the music industry for a decade, focusing in marketing, publishing and song writing, and has an alumni of VIT at Musicians Institute in Hollywood and a master degree in marketing. TK is an experienced band player and have been working as a freelance singer and song writer in Sweden, northern Europe and the US for more than two decades.



Tobias Jonsson

Tobias is a songwriter and producer, having done music for a variety of artists in several countries such as China, India, Germany, South Africa etc. Achieved great success in the Melodifestivalen 2010 and have also done music for films, commercials and computer games.



Jonathan Lawrence

Originally from Australia, Jonathan coaches in Marketing and how to get gigs.